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My name is Faisal Shehzad Khan, and I’m a techno-functional executive with more than 20+ years of technology experience. I have studied computers and technology, one of the most in-demand professions today.  My passion is to study technology with a core focus on digital channels, digital transformation, strategic innovations, value creation and mapping IT initiatives with a corporate strategy

Since 2022, I have started taking an interest in Politics, international relations, policy making, and the challenges faced by countries and planet earth.  I realized the importance of climate change and how important it is to "act on it now"! If we want to save the planet for our children. I spend a lot of time understanding and establishing a scientific basis for assessing climate impact on humans and on the environment. The more I read, I recognize that we could not afford to underestimate the emergency of climate action. Therefore, to take away the catastrophic consequences, we have to take urgent and decisive measures because there is a time when panic is the only appropriate option. Today, we need to be in a panic to save planet Earth. 


"We have to choose between suffering or mitigation"


By profession:

I began my career with B.Sc in Computer Sciences from Bahria University (University of Peshawar, Pakistan).
I am a solution evangelist with expertise in IT operations, governance & management, focusing on Customer Experience, applications, Systems Resiliency, availability & service delivery.

During my career, I have been actively moving between roles and projects that provided a balance between creative, technical and management responsibilities and maintaining significant awareness of the latest trends, customer experience, team management, operation & management, and overall system integration and production support. I work in one of the leading banks in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. My current focus area is digitalization & finding ways  to provide better customers experience with robots and efficient technologies & integration

No matter how great is the new technology, first, make sure it is required by your organisation and especially by your customers!

By Passion: 

Inspired by great people and believing in corporate social responsibility principles of returning to the planet, I started reading on Environment and Climate and was shocked, and ended up developing a sense of responsibility. I realized that climate change is not just an environmental issue, but its impacts are far more serious. It impacts the country's economy and other serious humanitarian issues like hunger, poverty, access to clean water, children's health and most importantly, refugee crises due to floods and droughts.

What should I do to contribute?

I have chosen social media as a medium to learn and spread awareness of climate. I found Twitter & Instagram are strong platforms to engage people, especially Twitter spaces where I conduct spaces and discuss common problems. I try to engage people as much as possible in telling the importance of the United Nation's sustainability goals and why it is important for us to get ourselves involved in mitigation actions.

I have found the Twitter handler & Podcast series @CoatPolitics  (Twitter handle) and host spaces on environmental, economic and climate issues to contribute to spreading awareness!

In my free time, I read sustainability and climate tech and use micro-blogging power to create content for awareness and educational purposes.

Coat Politics:

An inclusive podcast based on the objective to spread awareness, Coat Politics is podcast series based on constructive Twitter spaces focused on educational and awareness purposes on politics, economy, injustice and human rights issues, Climate & water crisis, climate change and the importance of climate actions. 

Truly believe that once people know the problems and challenges, they will be able to work on mitigation to save the planet Earth!

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