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Floods in Pakistan

Who is Responsible

Current Floods in Pakistan are undoubtedly due to Climate Change. Despite Pakistan contributing less than 1% in CO2 emission, Pakistan has been paying the price of this Climate catastrophe with more than 33 million people having no homes, and their hopes and dreams are swept away. But is this the first time Pakistan has been in this situation?  Why are preventive actions not taken, and who is responsible for it?





Sustainability Development Goals

Source: gatesnotes

Children's deaths & infectious diseases

82% of children's deaths are due to infectious diseases like diarrhoea, malaria & pneumonia.
Every year 3.1 million children die due to hygiene & drinking contaminated water

In #Pakistan, nearly 100K children die each year due to contaminated #water

UN Sustainability Goal # 3

Preserve Water by Harvesting Solution

By 2030, the demand for freshwater will exceed 40%. With innovative solutions, rainwater and river water can be preserved at a small level to tackle water scarcity due to climate change and population growth. A Colombian shows how a simple solution can bring water to thousands of people

UN Sustainability Goal # 6

US Sustainability Goal for Hunger

As per the United Nation's world food programme,40% of children under five are  Stunted, and 20% of the population is undernourished. 

WFP is putting efforts into overcoming nutrition through different programs. 
In Kenya, Food4Education provides food to school kids to improve nutrition. 

UN Sustainability Goal # 2

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